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Need help with a layout? Can't figure out how the stupid overrides work? Want a layout made for you?

Firstly, if you have questions on overrides, consult howto before asking me. That's where I get all my answers from, anyway.

As for layouts, I'm no expert, but so far people have liked what I've done for them, and I'm certainly willing to help people who ask. It's best when people have a really clear idea of what they want their journal to look like: style, colors, etc.

If you want to request a layout to be made, please include the following information (to make it easier for me):

EMAIL (this is important, I send all codes through email)
style (generator, tabular indent, etc)
-entry box
transitions (if any)
border around entries(color and type: dotted, dashed, double, solid, etc)
background image url (if applicable)
image b/w comment links url (optional)
cursor type

and include any other stuff you want done

NEW!: I just got this spiffy new picture editing program,and have been gradually teaching myself how to use it. Therefore, I will be able to make the following things, should they be requested:

writing (style and size)

resolution of screen (800x600, 1240x764, etc)

(It is nice if you provide your own pictures when you request stuff)

Check this out for cool pre-made layouts!

If you are especially ambitious, here's a site that has some cool hints for making your journal beautiful!