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crash_g0ddess in bettahawke

Sweet relaxation

Because I'm going to be on vacation for the next two weeks, I will not be completing any more layout requests until then.

Have a nice day everyone!


hey i'm new...i was wondering if you could help me with making ym diary snazzy...can you do a layout for me...if you can comment me back
EMAIL: nabrhoodchk@aol.com
style: generator
colors: black
-scrollbar: scrollbar-base-color: #990000
scrollbar-track-color: color; #666666
scrollbar-face-color: color; black
scrollbar-highlight-color: color; 990000
scrollbar-3dlight-color: color; 666666
scrollbar-darkshadow-color: color; black
scrollbar-shadow-color: color; black
scrollbar-arrow-color: color;990000
-entry box: transparent? i want it a little box at the top left hand corner of the screen, but not on the edge with a thick slashed line around it, and the slashed line color 990000
-links: white
-text: #666666
transitions: uhm, everything ii have said i guess.
border around entries: dashed (i said slashed) #990000
background image url: http://img63.photobucket.com/albums/v193/angrietoilet/?action=view¤t=a.jpg
image b/w comment links url: http://photobucket.com/albums/v193/angrietoilet/Blinkies/?action=view¤t=1a.gif

cursor type: surprise me. i honestly dont care at all. if its less trouble for you then no style.

and include any other stuff you want done: replace "post comment" with "let life pass 'em by"
replace "# comment" with "# didn't"

i am a free user i dont know what all that will affect, but when ive tried the scrollbar thing, it never worked, and i never knew how to place my entries in a box in a certain part of the screen so that might not work. and if it doesnt, just tell me

thank you so much.

*When you get back*

When you get back can you please post me back or email me (pimpinthepink06@hotmail.com) or you can even aim me at LilCutiePiez0604. I really need someone to do my layout because I have no clue how...Id appreciate it so very much




I was also wondering if you could make a layout for me. I have no clue whats so ever how to make them. Whenever you get back and have a chance email me pagedown68@yahoo.com or you can im me on yahoo or aol messenger my sns the same for both pagedown68 thanks!!:)


Hey i was wondering if you could make a layout for me when you get back?


hey im new and when u get back from your vacation i was wondering if you could help me out a bit ive got a picture but i need ur help with the layout! i appreciate it! you can email me at babiexokerry@yahoo.com or instant message me at k e r r y x0 or u can always just comment back! thanks so much!
mad love, Kerry
I was wondering if you could do my layout for me, when you get back. It's fine if you can't, but I'd really really appreciate it.
I was wondering if you would make a layout for me not on this username but on obabyobaby69 when you get back? I'd really appreciate it!!

hmmm i guess like every other comment here

im asking you to help me with my free account layout customization when its possible?
or you could refer me to someone you know who could

i just need the basic things like knowing what colors and their numbers and how to put a background image on if you could tell me that then id need no help


i was wondering if you could help make a layout kinda like this persons... http://www.livejournal.com/users/ashmarnoods/ execpt just a plain white backround. any help would be gggreatly appreciated. thank you!

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