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crash_g0ddess in bettahawke

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Banners, etc


help plz

hey im alex n i woudl really liek 2 know if u would make me a yellowcard layout i have a free account buti have NO clue how 2 make a layout so plz help aim sn: drunkmuffin1059 thanx

Re: help plz

I would be happy to help if you tell me what you want. I have a form that you can fill out with the colors and things like that on my userinfo
can u please tell me how to add a header to a my layout? because i have no idea how....
paid account-no

current livejournal style: Generator

page title- __________pull the trigger

Where would you like the entries? - left

Border - dotted

Border Size & Color - size 1, colour white

Link Colors - white

Cursor-cross hair

Background Link -

Background color - black

Background color for journal entries - transparent

Font, font color, and font size - verdana, sans-serif
10pt white

ScrollBar Colors -
scrollbar-arrow-color: #000000
scrollbar-base-color: transparent
scrollbar-dark-shadow-color: transparent
scrollbar-light-shadow-color: transparent
scrollbar-track-color: transparent
scrollbar-face-color: transparent
scrollbar-shadow-color: transparent
scrollbar-highlight-color: #000000
scrollbar-3d-light-color: transparent

Anything else you can think of -
can i please have my cursor hover to underline and overline the link in a dotted line w/ black

Screen resoloution- 800x600

Email - Cuppycakeo7@aol.com
hey i totally screwd up my livejournal.. i was wondering if u can help with a layout
Just post your request and I will get to work on it :)

elephant layout

I would like mine just like crazy_female16 but instead of the hearts picture I would like an elephant thankxs!


EMAIL (this is important, I send all codes through email)


I wont get into the styles and everything because I'm pretty easy to please... I do LOVE this style layout if you could do anything of that sort... I want something that pertains to my wedding da (ie instead of nick & jessica. Me & my hubby)


I don't like the colors though...Colors I would like are Blue (any shades..preferably a darker and lighter etc)

Have fun with it...I'm easy to please... *laughs* One of my favorite songs is Nick Lacheys "I swear" so phrases/lyrics can be used out of that. I also wouldn't mind the comments link stuff being changed to something different(ie Say I DO!) or something...

e-mail me at mandy_bsb_98@yahoo.com for the link to pictures I have and if you have any other questions. I will credit you and I thanks a bunch if you can help.

i totally love it! *glomps* to you, & tx ^_^
Sorry to bother you, I don't need to be put on hold. I'm really sorry about that, I have a friend around my area that does my layouts now. >.< I'm soo sorry!
No problem. I'm glad you let me know! :)
CAN YOU PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make my layout??? See my friend tried to make mine, and i love the background she chose, but the whole thing together just isnt very good.

heres the information (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!)
current livejournal style: generator
page translations:
browser title: Everybody goes to Hollywood...
Background IMAGE: http://www.rollercoaster.ca/pictures/van2.jpg (takes up full background)
Background COLOR:#FFFFFF
scrollbar: none
font: verdana
font size: 10
text-align: left
font color: #FFFFFF
cursor: crosshair
link colors: appearance: #CC6666
hover text:#3399FF
active text:#3399FF
visited text:#0066FF
entry alignment: left
entry border: inset
border size: 3
border color: #CC3366
comments links: commenting: ready for a great ride..
recieving comments: Hold on to Your hats!
symbol in between comments: heart
entries per page: 40

my email address is Laziedayz44@aol.com

ahh i'm desperate

My livejournal is so so soo ugly. I was wondering if you could make a layout that looks summerie. Pictures of the beach, beach chairs, umbrellas, beach ball, the sun anything. Any colors or fonts at all I don't mind. THank you SO much!!!
-erin, summerlovin22
i wuz wondering if you could make me a layout with usher...thnx if u can...thnx ne wayz if u cant

EMAIL (this is important, I send all codes through email) l_ja_007@hotmail.com
style (generator, tabular indent, etc)
colors: black, white
-scrollbar: black and white
-entry box: transparent and to the right of the screen
-links: white
-text: white
transitions (if any)
border around entries: solid
background image url: http://img78.photobucket.com/albums/v252/sweet_rocker/HILV1.jpg

and include any other stuff you want done

NEW!: I just got this spiffy new picture editing program,and have been gradually teaching myself how to use it. Therefore, I will be able to make the following things, should they be requested:

image: put the image to the letf of the entry box
colors: black and white
writing (style and size): comic sans, 14 font

resolution of screen: 800x600
colors: black and white

Ok, I don't know if this will help you but I will try to explain to you what I want it to look like. Ok, I want the image to the left of the screen and the text box to right. I want the background black..but the text box transparent. and the scrollbar black and white. and I want the comment thing to say
post comment: rocked hard
view comments: rock with me
and the numbers ofcourse..anyways
thanks so much!

Help Please<33

× Color scheme: i have a background, i want my background for my entries grey, and the writing black.
× Border type:solid, dashed
× Border thickness. medium
× Title for journal at top: You said so much without even parting your lips <3
× Entry position: Center
× Entry width. medium
× Layout: (Generator
× Comment links text: Revenge sound good?x (#)Cheers for sweet revenge
× Font type: 8 point lucida sans unicode
× Font size: Small .. 8 point, or 9..
× Background picture:http://us.f1.yahoofs.com/users/a0d0bd35/bc/87f4/__sr_/5e21.jpg?phn51.ABUUpWD0Zj
× Background picture position: well, I like it how it is now..
× Background scrolling: (Repeat, no repeat.) what?
× Scroll bar colors: um, grey, white, black..
× Background color if you don't want a picture: -
× Other details: thank you guys so much, and I will deff Credit ! :-)

Oh, and if you could.. maybe put like blinkies and stuff? like.. some flashing stars and what-not. Whatever you guys think would look cool. thanks.<3

im me at x imperfect lush, or email me at dancinwithmyse1f@hotmail.com

if you could do this i would love you forever and ever and ever

-entry box:white
transitions:eep im so bad at this.i have no idea what that means?
border around entries:solid,silver
background image url:um..well i have it saved to my computer.but if you go to http://www.ashleesimpsonmusic.com/ and then about and then on the first page of pictures the last one in the fourth row where shes looking to the side with her chink in her hand.and then on the layout maybe a black background and then that picture a bit bigger on the right side of the screen and then the entry boxes on the left side of the screen.thats what i was thinking.
image b/w comment links url:no clue what this means?eep im sorry im so bad at this.
cursor type:does this mean like the little words that follow behind the arrow?if so then so whats my damage today?
thanks tons and tons if you can do it.if i didnt do a good job of explaining it just note me and ill see if i can figure it out and try to explain it better.sorry.megan.
oh ok.i get it now.ok umm
post comment:all the days collided
view comments:(number)less perfect than the next
sorry about that.megan.
I have a paid account, and I was wondering if you could make/ or even just help me make a city/ urban coffee house theme for my my layout. I really don't understand the whole layout lingo. Thanx. <3
Sn: StealerofPie101


I was trying to make my journal nicer and I screwed up the ENTIRE thing. I dont know the terms and code words or whatever, but if I try to tell you what I want, can someone make me a layout to copy and paste into the Old System thing???
PLEASE!!! I need lots of help!

I'm gonna have in Generator,with the journal background with with this picture http://www.iamts.org/images/spiral.gif,I want the page text black,with the page background white. I want the entries down the center, and have those move with the background staying in place. I want the place where it shows how many comments have been left for it to say stars and the place to leave a comment to say shine for you. The font should be size 9 Times New Roman,the user name in top banner,date,time,main navigation links,subject,mood, music, and bottom banner will all be size 9.Comment links also. The title and top right navigation links size 7. I also want things to blurr when you hover over them. And around the journal entries to have the double borders.
I think I can figure out colors, and a few other things in LJ help communities. But if someone could PLEASE help with this so I could start over it would help me SOOOOO much.



Hey if its not much of a trouble could you make me a layout...well once your done with everyone else.Thanxs.
Hi! I'm trying to get a layout for my journal, but it seems to be a bit crazy in the lj layout requesting world at the moment. I checked out your website and I really like the "Chic" layout. Would it be okay with you if I kinda tweak it a little? I want a black background with an image I made fixed there. I will definitely still give the credit to you for providing all the code! I just don't want to add to all the requests going on if I could figure some of this stuff out by experimenting. Thanks a bunch!

Feel free to change the layout. It's great to see people who are willing to try this stuff out for themselves. howto has some great tutorials that will really help with the customizing process.

Good luck!
Thanks :-)
EMAIL : artichokemyheart@hotmail.com
style : generator
-entry box:white
-links: black
-text: black
transitions (if any): page dissolve
border around entries: black, dotted
background image url: white background
image b/w comment links url :
comment(s)= spark(s)
comment = are you sure?
cursor type: crosshair

example of layout:
[lj user= "perfectsinx"]
could someone PLEASE give me a scrollbar code, and tell me where to put it??

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