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crash_g0ddess in bettahawke

To those who actually read this journal...

Okay, here's what I'm going to do. I am very backed up in layout requests, and I was planning to do them all in the next few weeks, but then I was looking at some people's journals, and it looks like they had one made already. I really don't want to spend the hours finding and modifying the codes if people aren't going to use them, so...

I'm deleting the list of people's requests, and starting over. If you still check back here, and you put in a request that was deleted, just tell me, and I'll put you in your old place on the list (I will still keep the actual requests in case this happens, and will know the order).

I hope you can bear with me on this. Thanks!


user: _bonnie_wright
password: email me at franticms@aol.com and I'll give it to you.
paid account: No.
current livejournal style: Generator.
header/banner: http://bonniefan.com/gallery/gallery/Stranded/060.jpg this picture shrunk. And sorta turned pale pink if you get me..and to the left. the pic should be kind of blurred or hazed, then in the space to the right of the picture can it say in some quite loopy (but not too loopy that you can't understand it) say: "It's good to be me" and can the text be black, kind of swirly (but not too swirly). and in the background of the banner could it be a kind of fade from pink to white.
page title: Just me...Bonnie Wright
entry alignment:(left, right, center) : Left
entry border: dashed
border size:4
border color: White
link colors: White.
link hover color: #FF0099
link effects: Under and overline when hovering on a link.
font: Comic Sans MS
font color: black
font size: 10
cursor: Crosshair.
scrollbar colors: #FF99FF& #FFCCFF
page transitions: fade
other overrides: I know this sounds odd, but I really have no idea! I want to have a kind of background image type wally paper thing that is this image: http://bonniefan.com/gallery/gallery/Promo/005.jpg but turned pink with pink roses climbing up it..and the image positioned on the right. BUT I have no idea how to do this or if it is even possible!! :-s
email address: franticms@aol.com
aim sn: franticms or bonnielasslj

I want the whole thing to have a variation of pinks. Its needs to be really girly and cute. I know what I have requested is pretty vague..but any help would be amazing! Thanks in advance! xxx

August 2004

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