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crash_g0ddess in bettahawke

To those who actually read this journal...

Okay, here's what I'm going to do. I am very backed up in layout requests, and I was planning to do them all in the next few weeks, but then I was looking at some people's journals, and it looks like they had one made already. I really don't want to spend the hours finding and modifying the codes if people aren't going to use them, so...

I'm deleting the list of people's requests, and starting over. If you still check back here, and you put in a request that was deleted, just tell me, and I'll put you in your old place on the list (I will still keep the actual requests in case this happens, and will know the order).

I hope you can bear with me on this. Thanks!


can you help me?

hey..i was wondering..i want kinda sumthing similar to your backround with the backround color black and all the writing a pink that would match my icon...im not very good at figuring this stuff out..can you help me?

Re: can you help me?

I shall work on your request. :)
Hey there! I really like your work! I would like to make a request-but it's quite big, so should I email it to you? Or just post it here?
Either is fine with me. Thanks!

Re: layout

hey, i just checked out your layouts page and i hope you wil allow me to use the chic one... i really like it and i have had so much trouble with finding a layout i like... i will give you as much credit as you want ! thanx *Xtina*

Re: layout

Go ahead and use it, that's what they're there for. If you want to credit me, you can either credit bettahawke in your credits, or use one of the 'layout by' pictures (if you know how to download them to your computer and upload them to the internet and make an image tag).

Could you please tell me how to make my Journal Transparent like Yours? I want my Backround to show like that or like http://www.livejournal.com/users/uptownlegends/ This persona where there are no boxes. COuld you please tell me how i can do that?
The tutorial for making your entry boxes transparent can be found here. Hope this helps!

Re: Request thing...

I'm not very good with explaining stuff...I have a slight idea with what I want...The image URL is:

And it's in Generator and I'd like the boxes to be black, like matching the background, but also to the left, so you can see the acutaly picture of Bjork. If you can change the font color, I'd like it to be white. The scroll bar bg(thing?) black and the thing you actually scroll with white. And the cursor white, as well.

I hope it's not too much for you...=\ I'm sorry if it is...If you have any troubles or don't understand something my AIM is DancurInTheDark...Thanks in advanced!

Re: Request thing...

Your picture doesn't show up. I can only see an "image hosted by tripod" picture.

Usually free sites like tripod and geocities don't let you link directly to the images.

Photobucket is a free image hosting site where you can upload all your pics to the internet. I suggest you put them up on there.
hi could you please help me?
i tried changing my journal and messed up everything...

user: hollywould
password: i'll email it to you? my email is jennaheartskittens@yahoo.com
paid account: No.
current livejournal style: Generator.
header/banner: none
entry alignment: center
entry border: solid border
border size:4
border color: 6666FF
link colors: white
link hover color: white
link effects: cross through
font: arial
font color: 6666FF
font size: 10
cursor: Crosshair.
scrollbar colors:
page transitions: none
other overrides: background image http://img41.photobucket.com/albums/v125/lilmiaoluv/LV.bmp

comment link: shake that shit to post comment
# of comments to view the comments
email address: jennaheartskittens@yahoo.com
aim sn: foxglovex

hey...I found this community and saw that you help ppl with layouts and was wondering if you could help me with mine?...if you can like post in my journal your email addy, 'cuz for some very odd reason I cant find the place to add this community...
TY in advance!
Yeah, this isn't an actual community, per say, it's what LJ calls a "shared journal", which means it's a journal I can control from my main journal. People "join" by adding the community to their friends list.

It doesn't clutter people's friends pages, because I very rarely post new entries...most stuff goes on in the comment section. ;)

I would love to help you with your journal layout, just email me what you want, or post it in a comment.

Help Me!!! Please

i have my journal pretty much the way i want it except that i want to add a header at the top. can you help?

Re: Help Me!!! Please

Sure thing, just tell me what you need (providing pictures is appreciated), and I will see what I can do.

Re: P l e a s e.

No, I'm not too busy, mostly because people aren't giving me the information so I can make the layouts, so if you want to post your request here, feel free!
I really need help with a layout, if your not to busy do you think you could make me one?
yes, I can make you one. just comment and put the information you want included, and I will get to work on it.

Re: i need help

Just comment and tell me exactly what you want (include pictures if you have them), and I will put you on the list and work on it.


user: viperflame
password: email me at s0ccerbabe22@aol.com and I'll give it to you.
paid account: Yes
current livejournal style: Generator
header/banner: A Day in the Life of a Viper
page title: The Misadventures of Jax
entry alignment:(left, right, center) : Left
entry border: dashed
border size:5
border color: purple
link colors: White
link hover color: red
link effects: the backwords/upside down text display
font: Comic Sans MS
font color: hot pink
font size: 11
cursor: Crosshair.
scrollbar colors: red
page transitions: fade
other overrides: 1)umm...this picture for the background - http://tes.emulationring.com/wallpaper/wallpaper_final_fantasy_x_07_1024.jpg (i tried 2 save it 2 my PC, but it wouldnt save right. if there's a problem using this link, just let me know.)nonscrolling if possible. 2)the clear text boxes 3)post comment text to be - save nemo & #/comments to be - #/saved nemo(i'm not sure if that goes with layout or not).
email address: s0ccerbabe22@aol.com
aim sn: vipergrrrl07 or angelblu104

if i wasnt specific enough, u can IM or email me. and, i'm sorry in advance if it isnt =) Thanks in advance too! ^_^

Re: request?

Hey I really need help with a layout... I know how I want it and I have the pictures ready and everything, but it's not for my LJ. Its for my site. Do you still help with that??
Oh, sorry. I'm not so good with regular html...they don't give you nice boxes that you just have to plunk the codes into. :)


so i was looking for someone to help me with my lay out and I found you.. so I was wondering if you werent wayyyyy to busy cuz i no there are alot of people ut there who nedd help if you could help me i want something like that journal layout http://www.livejournal.com/users/xgregzladiix/ i no alot of stuff will need to be changed but i was hoping you could help.. well thanks .. if you could im me or something i could give you my password
sn -- xn0t x perfectxo

thanks sooo much


Hey I was wondering if you could help me. I'm really confused about this journal stuff, I just want a piano in the background (http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.andrew.cmu.edu/user/ecoleman/images/Ragtime%2520Piano.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.andrew.cmu.edu/user/ecoleman/pages/Ragtime%2520Piano.htm&h=311&w=350&sz=16&tbnid=9IIJvQTkPakJ:&tbnh=103&tbnw=115&start=59&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dpiano%26start%3D40%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D%26ie%3DUTF-8%26sa%3DN) this might be wrong
I only have 2 months paid time so I want it to look at it's best cause I'm a dork. Just like a piano or something(perhaps the Something Corporate piano) with the journal text on the side scrolling down over the picture but readable. Thanks, sorry if this looks like nonsense...

August 2004

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