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crash_g0ddess in bettahawke

There has been a great influx of layout requests (not helping that I was gone three days), so I'm a bit bogged down. This doesn't mean I'm not making the layouts, it just means I'll be a little behind for a while. Just to let people know!


If it's not too much trouble... I've got a request... take your time.

I'd like my journal to be somewhat like yours... I don't need it doen anytime soon, so yea...

Background Image: none.

background color: black

Scrollbar Colors: main: black
outline: white or light blue (whichever is easier)

Font~ Tahoma

Font size~ 10

Font color~ white

Cursor~ the plus sign.

link color~ pink

link effects: glow

entry table color~ black.

entry alignment: left.

entry border type: 2 solid lines.

entry border size: 2.

border color: white.

Comment links: Post comment: Wait For Me To Move Out West Comments made: nothing, just leave that blank

Number of entries per page: 20

Page transitions- fade

Thank you so much. I am in desperate need of a layout. Take a look at my journal if you don’t believe me. My email address is SoLastSummer221@yahoo.com

could you give me a hand?

hey i found you looking around and your lj is pretty sweet. so eh..asking for a little, well alot of help here. i dont know what you need or how to get it, but i wanted to get my lj a little more like me than cookie cutter boring.

i want font: andy
eh color scheme.. something with alot of lime green..light green hunter green, you get the picture.
alot of "the goonies" stuff from the movie. and for the post a comment..i want it to say..add your two cents and for the read comments make it say "here's the scoop so far"
and for the between each days of the journal..make it eh..license plates..and the title of it. i want it to say "The So-Called Life of a Goonie" with the 2 o's in goonies have them be skulls..like the movie. and have it all in "chiller" font with upper and lower case letters all mixed up. well if this is all..haha very confusing just get back to me. thanks so much. ciao-amanda

August 2004

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