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crash_g0ddess in bettahawke

Layout requests...

If you want to request a layout to be made, please include the following information (to make it easier for me):

style (generator, tabular indent, etc)
-entry box
border around entries(color and type: dotted, dashed, double, solid, etc)
background image url (if applicable)
image b/w comment links url (optional)
cursor type

and include any other stuff you want done



I'll try to get a hold of you, my aim is psycpatient234
style: generator
colors: greys black and white, red
-scrollbar: white with black outline and red arrows
-entry box: grey/transparent [if possible?]
-links: red or yellow
border around entries(color and type: dotted, dashed, double, solid, etc)dotted, red
background image url:http://delivery.gettyimages.com/comp/LS016912.jpg? without the gettyimage thing and with these lyrics put on it? fire's a beautiful sound.
and the wings that you burn turn to ashes my dear
and ashes just fall to the ground

can you make the bold part in a cursive red font? pleasee
image b/w comment links url (optional): what is this?
cursor type: same
and if you can where it says comments, like on your l/j, where it says "what will you say to the speeding bullet" can you put strike anywhere and where it says "will nicht wig" can you put # of comments sparks in the darkness?
ooh, and if you will, where theres a userinfo stuff, can you just give me the code to change that to song lyrics, for example, [you and me are like one heartbeat] you being friends, me being userinfo, and heartbeat being webpage?
sn: killcourtesyx
thank you so much<3sorry for bugging you
Hi, I stumbled upon your journal when trying to find a new override/layout for mine, I don't know if I'm allowed to just put in a request right here because you don't know me, so let me introduce myself, haha. Hi, I'm Zoe, and that's all and I would be most appreciative if you could help me out with this, thanks :)

style (generator, tabular indent, etc)///generator
-scrollbar///bright purple
-entry box///bright green
-links///hot pink
border around entries(color and type: dotted, dashed, double, solid, etc)///dashed
background image url (if applicable)///http://perso.wanadoo.fr/chabrieres/photos/ian_curtis.jpg
image b/w comment links url (optional)
cursor type///i don't know the types, so normal i will say for now

and include any other stuff you want done

when you go to an lj's userinfo or something, the transition to the page can like fade out or have all those crazy boxes that fade into it, how do you do that?

OH and for the comments part can you make it say where it says 'post a comment' can it say 'what does this all mean?' and for where it says # of comments 'has a gun'

thanks once again, and thanks anyway ♥
Oh, and my AIM name is girls like punk and my e-mail is xxxlexicondevilxxx@yahoo.com because AIM has been funky lately for me.

I feel like such an asshole asking things out of you when I've never talked to you, if I'm making that impression, I'm sorry!


my username is onekissinhell_x (sorry, the thing didnt work)

Style you would like to use: Generator

Title: You Deserved It All

Background Image: http://www.girlhealth.org/molestation/pictures/tearsandripples.jpg (please make black and white if possible)

Background Image Placement: the whole background of one of these images, if possible

background color: black

background scroll: fixed

Scrollbar Colors:
scrollbar-arrow-color:red (arrows only please, like invisible scroll bar and you can only see the arrows)

Font~arial narrow

Font size~8

Font color~gray

Cursor~ crosshair

link color~red

link effects:horizontal flip, blur gray and red, glow

entry table color~black

entry alignment: left,

entry border type: dashed 3px

entry border size: 1

border color: red

Comment links: Post comment=take these stones and #comments=bruise

Number of entries per page- 10

e-mail address~hurleygurlynfg1@epals.com
sn: gstf87x

thats what i want...please please please help!!! :)
<333 (and how do you make hearts?)
hello, i have asked like 3 of these kind of groups or whatever to help me and never get a responce. what id really like is to be able to do this myself but thats not gunna happen so if you could find it in your heart to help me out here goes...

I like the style i have now i think its called haven.

my background image is http://www.columbia.edu/~aec2022/images/pirates%20bg01.jpg

please make it stationary so the picture doesnt move.

id like the background of my text boxes to be transparent.

id like the text entry boxes a bit more to the right.

ive seen a cool thing with the links that when you pass over them they kinda glow neon purple or something id like that please.\

for a cursor could you make it something like a purple light saber or something? if not then lemme know. im not sure how those work.

the fade in and out effect when you leave or enter the page is cool too id like it if possible.

thats all i can think of right now. just a question though..will i be able to change my background image if i like after this? and a comment if your stuck and need colors for something make it a purple color. thanks

email- solidsnake01138@msn.com
where can i find override codes? cuz the site i use (theaerzone.com or w/e it is) only has some and i want more variety HELP PLZ
The best place to find all overrides is at howto


Just wanted to say hey. I', loving my new layout that you did. I have a quick question. Where I you have my picture information in the override if I just delete right and leave it centered it will move the picture for me? Hope that isn't a dumb question.


Hope Chi town was a blast!

Re: Hey!!

Yes, you should be able to do that, and you can see the full explanation here
I really know nothing about computers. I would appreciate it so much if you helped me make a nice livejournal page. I don't know if you can do all this, I just tried to be as specific as possible since I bet it is pretty hard winging it for what people want. If you can't do this, it's cool, I understand. Thank you for letting me visit your site anyway, and if you can THANK YOU SO MUCH! And please feel free to take your time. I bet you do a lot of these and you probably have a life of your own. Thanks again! <3 Lacy

I want the backround to be of this angel statue of mine. I took three pics (so you could have a choice at which one would be easiest for you to work with):




(I don't really like the background color... it's my pool table. I'd like it to be more of a maroon... but I don't even know if you can edit that?)

Style: I like the style of generator... I want the entries to be docked to the left so the angel on the right is visible. I don't know if you need a specific style for that. I'm not picky.

Colors: My favorite color is black, and on top of black I like reds and marrons (NO PINK!!) and for random colors I like grays like in a thunder storm (NO WHITE!!)

I really love rain. I saw someone once with rain falling on thier borders of their entries... anything liek that would be REALLY cool if you know how to do that.

Scrollbar: I'm not picky... I dunno... something neat that matches the colors

Entry Box/Links/Borders: Um? I'm not sure what this is? If you are asking about colors, then the box can be black and the links and border and words can be different shades of reds and maroons.

Border Around Entries: Double sounds cool...

Cursor Type: Can you do wording that follows the cursor saying, "For when I am weak, then I am strong." 2 Corinthians 12:10 It would also be really cool if the cursor were a Christian Fish. Something that looked like this: if you can find anything.

And do you think you can do one of those things where the web box fades when you change links? I don't know what the different types are, so you can choose anything you like.

Thats all, feel free to do whatever you want and give it your touches or change something to make it look better. I'm not picky. I promise you I will be thrilled with anything. Thanks again!
style (generator, tabular indent, etc)- i want the entry box to the right..
colors - black and white
-entry box - i dont know what you mean by entry box
-links - just leave them blue
border around entries(color and type: dotted, dashed, double, solid, etc) - dashed
background image url (if applicable) - http://evanescence.com/band/photos/images/promophoto/3blur_lights.jpg
image b/w comment links url (optional)- (number) * blled for me
cursor type - i dont know what you mean by that
i would really appricate it if you helped me...


style: the style u have
colors: reds..just make them look good
scrollbar: dont rele know wut it means..but urs wud look awesome!
entry box: dont rele know wut it means..do it the way u want
links: for post comments, i want it "gimme sum luv" & 4 like comments to read: "my loves" if possible
border: white, dotted
background image: C:\Documents and Settings\Emily\My Documents\My Pictures\em&matt2.jpg
cursor type: +

i will credit! thanks so much...i guess comment on my journal or email it to me @ emilyscremily923@comcast.net
-also, could u explain to me how to load it?! thanks a bunch!
<3 emily
colors- entry background- the same yellow as my background
text color- grey
link color- dark red
active link- light pink (try to match the pink strips in the background. i'm all about matching. tehee)
-scrollbar- white with yellow bevel. i think thats what its called
-entry box- really skiny.. like maybe 200 pixels or something.. .? what you think looks nice and i want it placed inbetween the stripes and the art on my background..
-links- hmm? is this where like if you scroll over a link it changes and stuff... if it is... i think it would be cool if it blurred... that would be neat
border around entries- white and double.
background image url (if applicable) . <http://img11.photobucket.com/albums/v33/herestraci/white_hands.jpg> and i don't know how this works but could you make it stationary.?... yah.
image b/w comment links url (optional) - okay i want on the comment thing. for where the # comments is i want "# valentines" and on the post comment part i want "i have never been this scared before"
cursor type - eh... it would be neat if you could make it a heart... but i don't know if you can.. so do whatever you want.. leave it plain.. snazz it up... but don't make it gay.

man, i hope i'm not too picky for you... i'd really appreciate it if you were to do this.. and i would also like it if you were to show me how i could do it.

email- iamthetracer@cableone.net
aim- iamthetracer

i will love you unconditionally and for eternity if you were to do this for me
Hey, I have another request. After my brother saw the awesome job you did on my journal... he decided he wanted to go ahead and make one to share with his friends and he wanted you to make the background. He wants it to be simple so I don't think it should be that hard but I don't know cause I can't do this stuff. He wants the background to be camo like this:

And then doced to the left, this pic of a cross coming from the bottom:

The sizes can be changed if needed.
He wants the colors to simply match... light green, dark green, balck, and brown. He's not picky... He says whatever looks good.
He wants the post comment to say, "Go Offroading" and the comments to say "# Went Mudding."
He wants the page to looks simple and guy-like. He doesn't wanna look like he put too much thought into it cause he doesn't want to get made fun of but he wants it to look cool. He says he trusts you. We love my layout. Thank you so much again. You're awesome. And take your time.
Hi... I'm not good on this whole lay out ordeal. I'm not sure what half the stuff means. o_O but...

manda__x3 I thought her journal was really cool... could you do something like that?
Damn, that's a cool journal! Unfortuately, that type of thing is way over my head at the moment. *drools* I wish I could do stuff like that...
lol yea it is... well what could you do for me then? :) I'm really up for anything... I just love neat looking lay outs.
I was thinking of something summerish, with flowers... light blue... light yellow.

You know :)
hi, i love your layouts. i was thinking of something like frailgrandeur has.

style (generator, tabular indent, etc)- generator.
-scrollbar - light pink
-entry box - white
-links - light pink
-text - light pink
border around entries(color and type: dotted, dashed, double, solid, etc) solid light pink
background image url (if applicable) http://www.boomspeed.com/wrathofcourt/mirror.jpg
image b/w comment: Whispers links url (optional)
cursor type
hi! i didnt want to request a layout but i was wondering if you could give me the html for a header.. i had one a long time ago but i dont have it anymore.. thank you :D if you dont want to give it its not problem

I know you have quite the list already, but I'd love it if you would be willing to help me when you can as well. :)

Here's what I'd like:

style: Tabular indent (With the top bit indented over so as not to cross the background image if possible.)
colors: The same as they are now please.
scrollbar: I’m thinking maybe black and burgundy?
entry box: The same burgundy as the background (centered, but not narrow and surrounded by a medium size dotted white line) I'd like the font to stay as it is.. but if it can be size 1 that would be great.
links: I don’t know if this “style” allows for the links. I have them.. (they were viewable on the other “style” I had previously) If there's a way to bring them back, I'd love it, but I'm not sure where they'd go in a tabular layout.
border around entries: White dotted (Not too thick and not too thin.)
background image url (if applicable): http://img42.photobucket.com/albums/v129/the_sassenach/My%20blog/deathbg.gif
image b/w comment links url (optional): For "leave a comment" I’d like “Share the insanity” and for the other part, I’d like “#Straight jackets given”
cursor type:
I’m not sure… Something that fits with the rest and isn't the "norm" would be cool, but I have no clue what to suggest. Ideally I think an ankh would be great.. (silver or white)

hey i as seeing you do requests. well i was wondering if you would do a back ground ((just a background)) for my community. vacantscripture. the colors in there are red and black and we previously had a rose that was bleeding. but i cant make them my friend did and i was wondering if you got the time could you help me out. if you cant i totally understand. well hope to hear from you.

colors :
-scrollbar : NORMAL
-links : BLACK

border around entries : BLACK / DASHED

background image url : NO IMAGE, JUST THIS COLOR-#FFCCCC

image b/w comment links url: NO IMAGE- CAN IT JUST SAY -

cursor type : REGULAR

& can you make my font ARIAL, SIZE 9, and have the entries aligned on the RIGHT side please? thank you so much.

you can email me @ soccerblondie035 to let me know :)
edit - soccerblondie035 @aol.com ;)

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