This layout community is now officially closed. I've just started college, and it is clear I will not have the time nor the energy to complete the layout requests.

There are many layout communities who would love to make your layout, and if I could think of any off the top of my head, I would recommend them.

Good night,

To those who actually read this journal...

Okay, here's what I'm going to do. I am very backed up in layout requests, and I was planning to do them all in the next few weeks, but then I was looking at some people's journals, and it looks like they had one made already. I really don't want to spend the hours finding and modifying the codes if people aren't going to use them, so...

I'm deleting the list of people's requests, and starting over. If you still check back here, and you put in a request that was deleted, just tell me, and I'll put you in your old place on the list (I will still keep the actual requests in case this happens, and will know the order).

I hope you can bear with me on this. Thanks!
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(no subject)

Arg, still at a standstill on the layouts. Things will pick up pretty quickly though, with school being almost over and all. Thank you so much for those who have been so patient. I'm still learning, and I occasionally get sucked into something, and forget about the stuff I'm supposed to do.

Like these, for example:

I like the last one the best. Anyway, better get cracking!

Layouts to be done...

Ok, here's the people I still have to do, in the order I recieved their requests:

(in progress)jedi46300
(in progress)gidy_up_cowgirl
lacy_leigh's brother

So keep that in mind when you make your requests...that I'll be a little behind because of the buildup (it has nothing to do with lazyness, I swear! ^_^ )
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(no subject)

There has been a great influx of layout requests (not helping that I was gone three days), so I'm a bit bogged down. This doesn't mean I'm not making the layouts, it just means I'll be a little behind for a while. Just to let people know!
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Layout requests...

If you want to request a layout to be made, please include the following information (to make it easier for me):

style (generator, tabular indent, etc)
-entry box
border around entries(color and type: dotted, dashed, double, solid, etc)
background image url (if applicable)
image b/w comment links url (optional)
cursor type

and include any other stuff you want done

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wow, something to update about!

I just set up a site to put a bunch (well okay, three) of layouts that I've made over time. It includes the overrides and custom color scheme if there is one.

I ask if you take any of them, that you please tell me. I like to know where my stuff is going. You don't have to put specific credit to me, but it does make me feel good when people do.

The site url is under the website link at the top of the screen. Check it out!
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I need to see my scrollbar...

Yes, another pointless entry to make this journal longer, so I can see custom scrollbar colors.

If you like what you see here, you can say so and I can help you with any layout problems that are within my capabilities. Or...if you have a cool layout that you want to show off, I would love to see it! I am always on the lookout for awesome layouts to give me inspiration.

Well, that should be long enough...
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