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crash_g0ddess in bettahawke

Layouts to be done...

Ok, here's the people I still have to do, in the order I recieved their requests:

(in progress)jedi46300
(in progress)gidy_up_cowgirl
lacy_leigh's brother

So keep that in mind when you make your requests...that I'll be a little behind because of the buildup (it has nothing to do with lazyness, I swear! ^_^ )


take your timee

when u get the chance.. its no rush:

i would really appreciate it if you could make this layout for me:

i would like this picture http://www.logicalharmony.net/wallflower/layout0004.jpg

and i would love it to look something like this persons journal:

i would like the picture to be on the right side and it would be cool if you could make the words to the links go backwards when you go near them... like this person has

thanks soo much
<33 christina <33

p.s. my AIM screen name is: mysecrets4abuckk if you need my password or something to make my new layout
You can find the tutorial on how to do that here and you basically just copy and paste it into the override box.
Yep, there is. Here is that tutorial.
Ooo-er! Sexy layout. :-D

I was just wondering, when you get done all your other layouts, if you could do one for me. I'll leave the info below and, if you can't, feel free to ignore it. :-D I'll understand.

Style (generator, tabular indent, etc) Uhm ... The one you have right now. Is that generator?
Colors Erm ... Black and ... white. *Nods* Nice and simple. I'd like a black background with white borders and writing, etc.
-Scrollbar Red, white, and black.
-Eentry box Black background, white border.
-Links Red
Border around entries(color and type: dotted, dashed, double, solid, etc) If you don't mind, I really like the thick white dashes that you have now. :-D
Background image url (if applicable) I don't have one ready so don't worry about it. :-D
Image b/w comment links url (optional) Eh?
Cursor type Erm ...

Also, I dunno if you can do all this or if I could but, I'd like the entries to be on the left. If possible, I'd also like the date to be in DD/MM/YY form and the links, when the mouse is over them, to be slashed out.

*Nods* That's it. If you have any problems, feel free to IM me at Ahh Sideburns. Thanks either way.



hey, i have to be on anonymous because the people never sent me an email but anyways..if you have time, can you please make my livejournal look better.

I want it to look like my friends dead journal..


but with pink borders and this picture


thank you <3 My screen name for aim is xkatex36 so if you need my password i will give it to you
will yu help me with my layout please?! i think what I want is pretty simple, you can i/m me on aim.. my sn is Dunit1916... i'd really appreciate it!


hey..can you also just add your two cents nad just make it look amazing..really VIBRANT AND WOW! LIKE SPARKLY..or something with pazazz.. i know its more to ask but if you do that would be awesoe..thanks for doing it so far. it looks so great!
you know what... if you haven't started on my brothers... you don't have to. If you have... awesome. But we took the layout you did for me and changed the picture and like a few things and he loves it. It's still made by you. I justed wanted to save you thr trouble if you haven't started.

P.S. How do I properly credit you?
For credit, you can just put that it was made by crash_g0ddess (I'm working on a graphic, but the going is kinda slow).

I'll probably still try to do the background, because it's good practice, so don't be surprised if I email you something a few months from now :P
hey quick question..when you are done..how is it gonna adapt to mine..
I'll email you the instructions when I email the codes...is the layout how you want it yet, or is there something else you want added? I'm completely open to suggestions. I also just uploaded the background again, and it's the same one, but with a picture added into it, above the journal entries, if that makes any sense at all. Check it out and let me know!

ah awesome

yea maybe.. the cursor could be rainbow brite..or i dunno can you even do that? hehe. maybe sparkling stars when the cursor moves.. any more touches.. i just want mine to really stick out and pazaazz..but yes it looks amazing so far!
Once you are done with helping everyone else with their layouts I would appreciate it and be very thankful if you could help me with mine!! my IM is...curlyque482...just let me know.
hey i need a layout done please if you take requests here..

font color- black
entry alingment- center
border- black
thickness- 2/3
entry background- white
background- white
comment text- _ people // destroy me
visited link color- red
link color- blue

i think i got it all but, whatever
if you don't take requests IM me on silent withinn
or e-mail me at silent withinn@aol.com

thanks in advance..
my names mollie i was wondering when you arent buisy will u make me a layout

-style generator
-scrollbar: brown
-entry box: seethrew grey
-links: comments link should say "speak please" and the view comments like should say "spoke"
-border around entries: dotted/brown
-background image url: http://www.lovethatfabric.com/more_basics/RainbowBriteStripeLilacLarge.jpg

^^ if you cant tile that across the back use this picture on the side insted http://www.sandysays.net/rainbow.jpg and make the backround gray

cursor type: cross

thanx in advance! :]
I just have a really small thing I need help with!

How do I center my text boxes to the right like fantome_saint?
here is the tutorial to resize and realign your text boxes. It takes some trial and error to get it exactly how you want it. If you need more help with that, just let me know.
Do you make layouts for anyone? If so I would really appreciate your help because my LJ is soo bad :( eww.. my username is: blacklust
You can comment on my journal to tell me yes/no about doing a layout for me

Can you make it look like this? and the comment box look like this: http://www.livejournal.com/users/4mb3r/
i have a request for a layout...um should i email you?
That would be fine
hey i was just wondering if u could give me the override to align my journal the side. ugh i just cant find it.

great journal by the way, yaaayyy goonies! lol

can you do my journal?? IM me @ katy82687 if ya can.

<3 Katy

style --> Generator (maybe a little off to the left?)
-scrollbar --> Black
-entry box --> #CCCCCC
-links --> #330099 (visited) #999999 (not visited)
border around entries --> dotted
background image url --> http://www.cspv.hu/03/48/fotok/DD02.jpg
image b/w comment links url (I don't know what that is)

Thanks so much! It's much appreciated! luv *Ace
hi. i'd like to request a layout. so i'm gonna. here goes:

style- i dont know the name, but the one where text is on one side and a picture on the other
colors- black for the background, blue for the entry text and white for the headline stuff
-entry box-black
border around entries- dashed blue
background image url-http://www.arizonalily.org/lilyrhiannon/music/bella-donna/back.jpg

and i'd like my comments to say "it's just a feeling" for the post comment, and "(number) are in love with..." for the number.

if you can make something along those lines for me, i will be forever indebted to you.


love jenna.
i didnt know how to request this so i was wondering if you could accept this.....?

could you please please please make me a layout?
email me and tell me what more info you will need to full make the layout
basically i want a pink and black themed layout of christina aguilera..including comment links a header, frames and pink or black tex......if its too hard ill understand but hey the worst u can say is no
so heres my email address
i have a picture that i wud like to be used for the theme too so il email it to u if u can do it
i wud soooooooo credit u on like every page! lol
and if u make it feel free to link urself on my journal like within the theme

please help?
Hi! I just looked at your previously made layouts and I was wondering if you would modify the small chic one? I like the boxes and setup but I don't like the picture. I would rather a quote or something less human to look at. And also if you would put it in 800 x 600. If this is too much of a request I understand completely. I'm just searching for a new layout and I haven't read the userinfo so I may be asking the wrong way. :/ Well I guess you'll let me know.

Sure, I can change the layout background thing. Just give me a picture you want, or tell me what you want on there and I can _try_ to make a background, although I don't have much experience with that.

Also, the beauty of the layouts I make is that they look good in both 800x600 and 1024x768, so no changes are needed.

Let me know!
I would like the quote "And it hurts to want everything and nothing at the same time" in a scripty/flowy kinda font if you know what I mean.

I would like to change my font to the type of font u have. I would also like to make my background effect a random effect and make my comment link do something cool and change my cursor. My LJ user name is Shatterdxtears and my aim sn is myxbrokenxhope and my email is xokrystleox@hotmail.com thank you
I need help, bad. I was lookiong thru a sight with alot of codes and everything and i found one for putting the picture between comment bars.. and i already had comments but i didnt have a picture between them so i decided to put a picture between them and them my comment bars just got deleted all together.. if any one could give me the CORRECT html code to make comment bars saying "Scream out loud" for posting and "(#) Shouted" with http://img7.photobucket.com/albums/v18/icons311/icons/whitestahmoves.gif
that as the picture between that would be a big help.. thanks

oh if you need to IM me or anything.. my screen name on AIM is oh shiit its ky

thank you.
Do you happen to know how I can shift my journal entries to the right so that I can have a banner on the left?

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